I’ve finally got around to watching the last series of Top Gear. I’d been put off by Chris Evans anyway when I heard he was going to be one of the hosts but was still planning on watching it as it has been a staple for me over the last how many years. Before I got chance to start watching it, I began reading some of the reviews. I can’t say I was surprised that people didn’t take to Mr Evans but I was definitely shocked at the level of grilling he was receiving. When I finally did start watching it, I could definitely see what people were on about. He was just trying too hard bless him. Obviously whichever cast came in to replace Clarkson, May & Hammond, it was always going to be a tough ask. For me though, it was time for a new direction, even though I loved the old cast. It had started to feel a bit stale & maybe a bit self-indulgent if you know what I mean.


Anyway, despite the miss-casting of Evans, I actually did enjoy the series. I think there’s definitely something to build on there & there was good chemistry between the remaining members. Will be interesting to see if they do try to replace Evans. If they bring in anyone extra, they just need to make sure that they work as part of the ensemble. You don’t need a lead presenter, you just have to have a group that complement one another. Apparently Paul Hollywood’s in the frame. Not sure he’s the most charismatic but he’s got goo credentials. He’s competed at Le Mans so must no a thing or two. Let’s wait & see ay!