Tips for learner drivers

It’s extremely important for new learners not to get into bad vehicle habits from day one. Many people, or potential driving ‘teachers’, may of driven for decades, and since laws and the design of motor cars have changed a huge amount. Here are the basic do’s and don’t’s for new learners, that every qualified, or competent ‘teacher’ should drill into a new learner from the off.

Firstly check you can reach the pedals and adjust the seat accordingly, the optimum being that your knees are around 120 degrees to the pedals. Next check your mirrors are in the correct positions and obviously buckle up your seatbelt. Next make sure you are fully competent with where your indicators, lights and so on are positioned on the dash of your car. If you are not fully aware of these features ask. Particularly with the indicators, serious harm can come to you and other motorists if you indicate the wrong direction, or not at all.

Make sure you hold the steering wheel at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, as this will give you the best control. When turning corners just gently let the steering wheel slide through your hands, whilst keeping your hands in the 9 and 3 o’clock format. Next up is obviously driving a car for the first time can be exciting and even with an open road ahead can encourage new drivers to overspeed. Remember, you are trying to learn the art of driving a car at this stage, not race one.

Finally, when starting to learn to drive avoid distractions. Switch your phone off, turn the car radio off and concentrate.

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