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So I have already mentioned that I’m into my bikes. I just love the freedom riding a motorbike gives you. It really is fun and enthralling to ride one. What I particularly like are quad bikes, I live in an area with lots of hilly and rocky terrain so it’s really great to have a quad bike that can handle any surface.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with quad bikes they are classed as an ATV or an all-terrain vehicle. The first ATV had three wheels and was invented in 1967 by a man called John Plessinger who used the idea and design as part of his graduate project when studying at university in Detroit. Honda took over control of the market ATV’s and famously portrayed them in the likes of James Bond: Diamonds are Forever, Magnum P.I and Hart to Hart. Designs developed and soon ATV’S became extremely popular, due to their ability to cross all terrains which no other vehicle on the market could do. They were particularly popular with hunters, famers and those looking for a good trail ride. Honda continued to dominate the market and create all sorts of sporty versions of the ATV. Due to safety concerns though three wheel ATV’s started to fade and soon four wheel ATV’s were the next marketable vehicle. 


The Quad Bike

Quad bikes in particular were sold and designed by Royal Enfield in 1984 and were specifically made in order to replace the horse and cart. Suzuki can also make claim to inventing the first quad bike or perhaps the first commercially renowned one at least. Quad bikes feature 4 low pressure tyres and the rider sits on the quad and controls it via the handlebars. They can actually be considered very dangerous vehicles if not used correctly. I myself have had a lot of training and practice using them and I have spent a lot of time riding on easy terrains, building up to complex environments as I grew more confident. I think many people think they can handle anything and drive without experience which can cause a lot of problems. For instance, one of the key things to be aware of when riding a quad is to make sure you shift your body weight as you drive to keep the quad centred. Carrying heavy loads and other people can obviously effect this too which is why I will never allow my son to ride on the back. Wearing the correct gear is also essential because accidents or unpredictable terrains can take you unawares so at least if you are wearing the right equipment you will have the best chance of survival if anything were to happen. For buying anything quad bike related I can definitely recommend this website; http://www.funbikes.co.uk/. I use this website myself and it has all of the accessories you will need. Anyway, as long as you take my safety pointers into consideration and manage your vehicle correctly then a quad bike can be a great source of adventure. I love to just go off into the mountains on my quad bike, take some beers, snacks and do some fishing. It is a great escape and allows me to see parts of the country I may not be able to visit otherwise because of the harsh environment. 

Kids Quad Bikes 

These sorts of adventures are definitely the perfect father son thing to do and now my son is at the age where he can appreciate these things I would love for him to come along. I think it would be a really great bonding opportunity and I think it is important for him to get in touch with nature and the natural environment. I also want him to be aware of the dangers of nature and not to take his surroundings or the vehicle he may be driving for granted. He isn’t quite old enough to handle a big quad bike like the one I drive but it would be good for him to start driving on his own. That being said I want to make sure that he is fully trained and safe before he does.  What I am considering, is trying to find some kids quad bikes for sale. They are designed exactly like a traditional quad bike but on a much smaller scale. I have found a variety of kids quad bikes for sale on an online buy and sell site and the kids quad bikes for sale on there seem to be in excellent condition and are selling at a very reasonable price. I haven’t decided exactly if I want to buy one of the kids quad bikes for sale that I have found though as I am still considering the safety aspects involved. If you guys have any experience in buying a similar product or know whether these vehicles have a safe and reliable record then please let me know your thoughts.