Hey there folks. How are you all? Welcome back to another edition from my vehicles blog. I have got a great little post for you today about what I consider to be the most fun, cheerful and colourful vehicle on the planet. The Filipino Jeepney! Have ever seen one? If you have ever visited the Philippines you will most definitely have done so. But if not you should definitely Google them and take a look at some photos. They are so cool! Jeepneys are the most popular form of public transport in the Philippines and, as such, the country is absolutely crammed with them. Their kitsch, in your face, decorations and styling have become a symbol for Filipino popular culture. Jeepneys were originally made from leftover US military Jeeps that were left behind in the Philippines after the cessation of hostilities at the end of the Second World War. The modern Jeepney is manufactured by a company called Sarao Motors and it is their style of vehicle that has become synonymous with the Jeepney worldwide. They really are unique in their look and character. There is no other vehicle type in the world quite like them and I personally think that a trip out to the Philippines just to see the jeepneys alone would be well worth the airfare if you are a vehicle nut like myself.




Anyway people, that is all from me for today. Be sure to email in to let me know what your thoughts are on jeepneys. Have you ever had a ride in one? Are you from the Philippines and actually own one? That would be very cool! Looking forward to reading your points of view folks. Until next time.